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At least you knew beforehand that there were sad parts! I had no idea the movie was sad, I had somehow avoided all those spoilers. I tried to watch the movie with someone, and it was such a fail. We both ended up crying, it was such an emotional rollercoaster. BUT SO WORTH IT.

Yeah that is true. That is magical! How did you manage to avoid spoilers? I feel like there is no hiding on Tumblr from the spoilers! I am glad to hear it is worth it! I think I’ll watch it tonight now.  I have to know these feels and see this movie!

Oh man, I remember seeing you posting something about How to Train your Dragon 2. LET ME TELL YOU IT'S SO GOOD BUT SAD.

I want to see it so badly! I keep hearing it is sad though. I’m not sure if I am ready for those kinds of emotions! I am already too connected with the characters because of the first one! I may need to find a watching buddy for this, so I can cry to someone. Omg.